Hey, I’m glad you made it.

I’m exploring the fine line of balance – of making healthy and sustainable choices, waking up in the morning with motivation and intent, and also saying f*ck it. Because it’s not a life worth living if you don’t let yourself live, make mistakes, but also recognising the choices you’ve made and being accountable. Better yourself.

After growing up with severe food intolerances (gluten [but not coeliac] and dairy), my mother was a pillar of influence and support in the way I regarded food and its ability to heal. After all, food is medicine and we are beginning to see scientific trends in this area, which I will be exploring on my page. After a natural rebellion to taking my health seriously in my teens, I have learned a lot about what it means to maintain a healthy lifestyle by a balance between conventional medicine and also functional and holistic therapies. It took a terrible spell of low immune function and eczema which was exacerbated by stress and London lifestyle for me to get things together. I looked all over the internet for tips on strengthening immunity, gut function and how to clear the eczema and found… not a lot. This ended up becoming the beginning of what will be a lifetime journey, and I hope I’ll be able to provide what I couldn’t find in the first place.